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Empowering Brands

Appealing web designs to bring out your Brand Identity and maximising your brand’s potential online


Ultimately improves Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty to build trust and credibility

Website Performance

Impacts user experience and improves user engagement and increases brand recognition and loyalty
User Experience Friendly
Mobile Friendly
Search Engine Optimisation
Speed Optimisation

Designing a website by focusing on it’s user needs and preferences, such as intuitive navigation, clear layout, fast load times, and easy to read content.

  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve Satisfaction
  • More Conversions
  • Mobile Friendly

Features such as responsive design, which automatically adjusts the layout of the website to fit the screen size of the device being used, as well as optimized navigation and fast load times.

  • Improve overall User Experience
  • Higher Engagement
  • Longer visit times
  • More Conversions
  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Search Engine Optimisation

On Page and Technical SEO will increase the chances to receive organic traffic on Search Engine Results Page through the usage of proper structure and use of keywords.Improves Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty.

  • Improve Crawlability
  • Improve User Experience
  • Better Website Performance
  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Speed Optimisation

Design and development of the website to increase it’s overall loading speed while maintaining the design and functionality.

  • Improve User Experience
  • Faster Website Loading
  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Do SquareCube uses template for designs?

    No. Using a template may be easier and faster, but it will not be unique anymore. Imagine an Interior Designer website looking the same as another Interior Designer website.

  • Why WordPress website instead of Custom Coded Website

    Custom coded websites usually cost higher and takes a longer time for delivery.
    A Wordpress website may still delivers the same results.
    If the client choose to do their own upkeeping and maintenance, it is easier for them to do so.

  • If WordPress is free, can I build my website myself?

    Definitely. If you have the knowledge and time, you should try building your own website. It is easy for beginners as well. Be sure to check out tutorials on websites or youtube to assist you in it.

  • Why should I engage SquareCube if I can build my website?

    SquareCube has the experience, knowledge and expertise to design and develop a website from different perspectives such as User Experience and Marketing Angle.

  • Can I do my own website maintenance?

    Yes you definitely can. This is one best feature of WordPress.
    However you will have to be mindful that by doing so, you may end up breaking your website in the worst scenario. Thus please spend some time to learn how to do so.

  • How much does it cost for a project?

    Projects are different and it depend on its complexity. A quote can be advised only after consulting and knowing what is required. Then a final quote will be given after planning and confirmation.
    With all said, $1500/- will be a good figure to start with.

  • How long does it take for a website project to complete?

    Depending on the project’s requirement, it may range from as fast as 2 weeks to 12 weeks minimally.
    The exact timeline can only be advised after proper planning of the project.


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To create a great website, we must have a good understanding of your business, going beyond just what you desire.

By gaining a thorough understanding of the Operations, Marketing Objectives, and Target Audience of your business.

Then we can identify the crucial functions and features your website must have and develop a strategy that supports both your short-term and long-term goals with your website.