4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Website

Today’s Digital Age

In the world of social media, many Brands are utilising social media platforms for their Branding and Digital Marketing, while website is often overlooked.
Is it because website has passed it's time?
If so, Why do your brand needs a website when it is overlooked?

Why is website overlooked?

Social Media is Free!

Well, for a start. It does not cost you anything to create a Facebook Page and Instagram Page for your Brand. Youtube and even Tiktok is free when you sign up and publish your content.

Widely used even in Singapore!

Well, for a start. It does not cost you anything to create a Facebook Page and Instagram Page for your Brand.
Youtube and even Tiktok is free when you sign up and publish your content.

According to Statista forecast, the number of social network users in Singapore amounts to 5.67 million.
Imagine how much awareness you can get from your targeted audience.

Interaction plays a big part!

You get to interact with your followers. They give you likes, shares your posts, comments on your posts and send you messages. These increases your engagement rates and you now have a higher visibility for your Brand. The list goes on.. But..

Social Media is never easy

You need to be consistent in publishing content.
You need to be responsive to messages and comments.
You may receive unfavourable and unfair reviews.
It will take some time and more efforts to reach the amount of followers which we all would like to have.
You may end up spending more than you would like to, and we hope that the money is spent with good results.
You may not be in control all the time.

Website as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Looking at Digital Marketing Strategy on a whole, a website can complement your existing social media efforts. In return giving you better results than before, and especially in putting your Brand for people to know.

Reasons why your Brand needs a website

Establishes Credibility and Legitimacy

  • Potential customers may question the validity of a Business and ultimately choose to take their business elsewhere if they can’t find your website.
  • A website is often the first point of contact between a Brand and its potential customers.

    Even if you have a Facebook Page, potential customers are still digging for more information about your Brand, your Company. They may have a lot of questions where your website will be in a better position to give them the answers.

    Having a professional and user-friendly website can help to establish your Brand’s Credibility and Legitimacy in a few different ways.
  • One

    Providing information about your Brand such as History, Mission, and Values. This can help potential customers to better understand your Brand and what you stand for, which can in turn helps to build Trust and Credibility.


    A website that is easy to navigate, is visually appealing, and well-organized can make a great first impression on your potential customers.


    Providing Social Proof such as customer Reviews and Testimonials. When potential customers see that others had positive experiences with your brand, it can help build trust and credibility in your business.

    Builds Brand Awareness

  • If your Social Media do not have a high following or engagement, and no viral posts, how do you expand your Brand Awareness

    Besides to effectively communicate your Brand’s Values, Products, and Services to a wider audience with a well designed and planned website.

    You can expand your Brand’s Reach and attract new customers through implementing Search Engine Optimisation to improve your website’s visibility.
    They may be searching for a product information on the internet and land onto your website, or may be searching for alternatives to a certain product.

    They could be searching for a nearby restaurant for Chinese food, and your Brand pops up with a ready map.

    A traveler may be planning their itinerary through the internet and click onto your website.

    The potential is there out on the search engine.
  • Increases Sales and Revenue

  • Where do your customers make purchase?
  • How do you give them the confidence to make a purchase?

    E-commerce has been on the rise especially during these few years due to COVID-19. With an online storefront, customers can easily browse and purchase products or services from the comfort of their own homes.

    Even if you are operating on shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, your website may help to boost confidence to your customers. Because they may try to search for your Company or your Brand for more information.

    You may use your website to create landing pages for promotions to increase your sales, with a good Call-To-Action to increase your conversion rates.

    You may even use your website to set up appointments, or answer questions via live chat. Which may end up in increasing your Sales.
  • Improves Customer Service

  • How can your customers contact you or gather information?
  • How do you reach out to your customers in the fastest time before losing them to your competitors?

    One of the common practice is to provide a comprehensive FAQ section and contact information in the website.
    Depending on a Business’s Model or Operations, they may even implement Live Chats or Chat bots to address customers’ concerns immediately.
    A better Customer Service will usually increases customer retention and impacts new sales.

    Besides all of the above, there are other reasons why your Brand needs a website. Such as to study your user behaviour, target different audience groups.

    Don’t fall behind in today’s digital age. Empower your Branding online and stay ahead of competition with your own website.


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    To create a great website, we must have a good understanding of your business, going beyond just what you desire.

    By gaining a thorough understanding of the Operations, Marketing Objectives, and Target Audience of your business.

    Then we can identify the crucial functions and features your website must have and develop a strategy that supports both your short-term and long-term goals with your website.